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Employee Free Choice Act – The campaign issue Paul Hodes wishes would go away

October 19, 2010 by Shawn Millerick  
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There’s an issue that is bothering the heck out of Democrats on the campaign trail this cycle. It’s a liberal pet legislative project that the majority of Americans oppose, but most Democrats in Congress support, although several key Dems have tried to back away from their position recently. No, it’s not Obamacare, it’s the Employee [...]

Senate hopefuls spar over Big Labor in first candidate forum

September 23, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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At this morning’s candidate forum, hosted by the NHBIA and the Union Leader, Paul Hodes and Kelly Ayotte had a contentious exchange over the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA). In a question to Hodes, the UL’s John DiStaso pointed out that the 2nd district Congressman is a co-sponsor of the job-killing bill, asking “What’s wrong [...]

ANHJ Labor Day Reverse Job Fair Targets “Job Killing” EFCA

September 3, 2010 by admin  
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Local businesspeople and pro-business groups issued a stern warning to NH candidates for Congress against supporting the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a bill that would increase union control in the workplace, calling it a “job-killer” during a reverse job fair hosted by the Alliance for NH Jobs. Alliance Director Paul Young stated that EFCA [...]

Business groups to target Hodes over Labor Day

September 1, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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The Hill is reporting that business groups will target Democrat Rep. and Senate hopeful Paul Hodes during the Labor Day break with events designed to highlight his record on workplace issues: Business groups plan to go on offense against vulnerable Senate Democrats in their backyards to mark Monday’s Labor Day holiday. Local groups will target [...]

Mahoney: ‘Recovery Summer’ really a ‘Cruel Summer’

August 25, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Vice President Joe Biden will be in New Hampshire on Thursday to discuss the so-called “Recovery Summer,” brought about by the stimulus act. Republican Congressional hopeful Sean Mahoney says this has really been more of a “cruel summer” because of the Obama administration’s policies. His campaign has released a web video to that effect:

Sean Mahoney hammers stimulus bridge to nowhere on FOX Business

August 14, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Conservative congressional candidate Sean Mahoney was on FOX Business Channel Friday and pounded the stimulus “Bridge to Nowhere.” Hosr David Asman speculated that the non-bridge in Hillsborough, NH could become the new symbol for just how bad the stimulus has panned out for President Obama, the Democrats and the U.S. economy. PART I PART II

Ashooh backs off “deport illegals” position over weekend

July 26, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Well, that was quick. In a short-lived effort to make his candidacy for Congress in NH-01 relevant, Republican Rich Ashooh last Thursday attempted to cause a ruckus by taking a hard line on illegal immigration. Ashooh said he wanted to round up all illegal aliens and deport them. “Yes, enforcing our immigration laws will cost [...]

Hodes clings to card check, Big Labor

July 19, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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One would think that when your campaign has hit bottom in the eyes of people watching the race for U.S. Senate, you would at least try to build bridges with constituencies that are not currently in your camp. Democrat Senate hopeful Paul Hodes is getting creamed in the polls, getting creamed even worse in the [...]

Liberal blog swears revenge against state’s media

July 3, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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After a series of embarrassing revelations about Democratic office holders has cause the once ascendant Democratic Party in the Granite State to look confused, corrupt and cantankerous, a leftwing blog is swearing revenge against the state’s mainstream media. Liberal blogger Dean Barker posted the following on his small blog “Blue Hampshire”: I am sick and [...]

Proposed Tobacco Tax Hike Questioned

May 18, 2010 by admin  
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It is no breaking story that New Hampshire, like essentially every other state in the union, is facing a gaping budget deficit, in our case to the tune of nearly $300 million. With less than two weeks to go before the state must finalize its budget, however, various proposals to close the gap have been [...]

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