Saturday, July 16, 2011


Welcome to Now! Hampshire

Now! Hampshire is unlike any newspaper you’ve ever read. To begin with it is published entirely online. What is more it is the only newspaper that consists entirely of citizen contributed news. That means you are not only a reader of Now! Hampshire, you are one of our reporters—if you decide to take up the challenge.

Founded by Seacoast entrepreneur Patrick Hynes, Now! Hampshire operates on the premise that there is a lot more interesting news out there than the people on the “news business” would lead us all to believe. And so we ask every citizen in the Granite State to take up their pens and note pads—along with the video and audio recorders—and start a news beat of their own.

Does your company, organization or school have something important to announce? Don’t settle with blasting off a press release—write a story about it and post it on Now! Hampshire.

Does your daughter or son have a game tonight? Record it on video and write up a blurb. We are thrilled to host local sports content.

Attending a county fair? Write a story about it.

Do you know a special, inspirational someone in your community? Show them you appreciate their contribution by interviewing them and posting it here at Now! Hampshire.

And remember: We’re looking for news. No opinion—just the facts.


Following are Now! Hampshire’s rules of conduct.

Note: This is NOT a legal disclaimer (something users have to agree to when they submit a story) but rather a common courtesy disclaimer.

Now! Hampshire seeks to provide serious, firsthand reporting of the day’s events here in the Granite State. Therefore, while we continue to promote the democratization of the media, we are still talking about “managed democracy,” here. We ask our citizen journalists to abide by these rules under threat of ostracism or having their stories rejected.

  1. No personal ad homenem attacks against public figures or one another. Now! Hampshire is a place for fresh, original news–not a place to damage reputations. If you have inflammatory information about a public figure, you are obligated to reach out to them for a response and to include their response in your story. If you are commenting on a story, your comments must remain on topic and present fair, polite arguments or they will be deleted.
  2. No inappropriate content. If you submit pornographic material, racially or religiously insulting content or scurrilous personal attacks against a public figure or another citizen journalist, your account will be deleted.
  3. Do not plagiarize. Do not steal news from mainstream journalists or other citizen journalists. You may, of course, use content from another news site, provided you source it appropriately. For example, Now! Hampshire considers hyperlinking to an original news story from another site an appropriate form of sourcing.
  4. Don’t post or otherwise publicly disclose trade secrets or other confidential material that may be a trade secret of any person or entity.
  5. If material posted on Now! Hampshire turns out to be wrong or misleading, our editors are empowered to clarify, correct, and/or retract your story. If our editors determine the motivations behind posting misleading or incorrect information were malicious, your account will be deleted.