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Hodes doesn’t deny laughing at rape victim

October 29, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Today the Nashua Telegraph reported on Democrat senate candidate Paul Hodes’ legal career. While he likes to call himself a prosecutor, Hodes barely spent any time in the AG’s office. Most of his legal career was spent as a defense attorney, and one of his clients was accused of multiple sexual assaults.

The Telegraph reports that when Hodes deposed the victim, she thought he was laughing at her. You can read the story here. But interestingly, Hodes spokesman Mark Bergman doesn’t deny that Hodes laughed at the victim as she recounted the assault, saying only “In private practice, Paul believed that every Granite Stater deserved fair representation as part of our justice system and always held himself to the highest ethical standards in practicing law while he raised his family in New Hampshire.”

One would think that Bergman would give a resounding “NO” to the question, “Did Paul Hodes laugh at a sex assault victim during her testimony?” but then again, this isn’t the first time Bergman has proven himself inept.

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