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Hodes on ObamaCare: We’ll “fix it as you go along”

October 12, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Democratic Senate hopeful Rep. Paul Hodes (NH-02) on Monday acknowledged for the first time that the national health care law (cialis generico online) he voted for earlier this year contains flawed provisions but dismissed any criticism saying Congress was already in discussions with small businesses to “fix that [provision] if and when the health care bill passed.”

Hodes’ comments came during a debate between the Senate candidates. Hodes did not indicate which small businesses Democratic members of Congress was in discussions with during the health care debate.

Speaking with contempt for his Republican opponent Kelly Ayotte, Hodes addressed a question about how he could support a measure that imposed drastic 1099 reporting requirements on all small businesses. When Congress later had an opportunity to “fix” the 1099 provision, the effort was killed by the Democratic controlled Senate.

“The important thing is to do something and then you can always fix it as you go along,” added Hodes, evoking groans from the crowd. Hodes appeared put off by the crowd’s response, informing them that the fix-it-then-pass-it strategy came from Franklin Roosevelt.

The admission by Hodes that the controversial health care law has problems is the first indication that the Democrat, who has trailed Ayotte in 23 consecutive polls, is changing his strategy. Heretofore Hodes has been a two-fisted advocate for the government health care plan.

Hodes also claimed to have read every page of the health care bill “twice.” The remark surprised some in the audience because Hodes told Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph last year that members of Congress cannot be expected to read every bill.

Below is video of Hodes’ comments:

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