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New poll suggests Sen. Hassan in serious trouble as Election Day looms

September 27, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Democratic State Senator Maggie Hassan could be in re-election jeopardy as Undeclared voters within District 23 overwhelming say they will vote to give Republicans control over state government, a new poll commissioned by says.

Hassan seen as vulnerable

Hassan seen as vulnerable in District 23

Respondents were asked, “Are you planning on voting to keep the Democratic Party in control of state government or to change control by voting for the Republicans?” 56% said they want to “change control to Republicans” while only 44% said “keep Democratic Party in control.”

The results reflect 292 completed interviews with Undeclared voters who are likely to vote on Election Day, November 2, conducted by Contact Services LLC in Grand Rapid Michigan. The Senate District 23 poll is part of a series of surveys in key State Senate districts will roll out this week. Ballot questions were asked without candidate names because it was determined many officials and candidates for state office have relatively low name identity.

When Undeclared voters were asked if they think state government spends too much money, 61% said yes while only 39% believe the state does not spend too much money.

Jobs and the economy lead voter concerns with 38% saying they are the top issues this election, followed by 32% who say taxes and spending. Only 19% say the cost of health care is the number one issue.

Hassan is seen as vulnerable because she has championed controversial measures such as the state’s new LLC tax, which opponents view as punitive against small business owners. Hassan has also sponsored legislation to grant state control over hospitals. The measure, which failed, was opposed by Exeter Hospital, the largest employer in the district.

Hassan is locked in a re-election fight against conservative Russell Prescott in the district that includes the towns of Exeter, Kingston, East Kingston, Kensington, Newfields, Newmarket, Newton, Seabrook, South Hampton and Stratham.

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