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CM: Binnie sued couple over color of window sash

August 29, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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The Concord Monitor story on Bill Binnie’s many lawsuits included one he filed against the owners of a condo for having the wrong color window sash:

• In 2008, Binnie sued Joyce Bellevue and Mitchell Manin, a married couple, and Nick Clemons, acting president of Livermore Condominium Association.

Bellevue and Manin lived in a condominium unit in Portsmouth next door to a unit owned by Binnie and occupied by his mother, Elizabeth Binnie.

In court papers, Binnie said Bellevue and Manin removed part of an interior wall next to Binnie’s mother’s unit without permission from the condo association. As a result, Binnie said, “disturbing sounds and odors” bothered his mother. Binnie said Bellevue and Manin installed a window sash that was brown instead of white, as required by the association.

Bellevue and Manin said they lived a “quiet” lifestyle and did their renovations with approvals from the city. They said they told the condo association about the renovations at a meeting in Elizabeth Binnie’s apartment. They said Binnie wanted to interfere with the proposed sale of their unit.

Dan Koslofsky, then an officer of the condominium association, said Binnie did not get along with the couple before he filed the suit.

Koslofsky said he called Binnie on behalf of the condo association to try to settle. “He’d fly off the handle sometimes,” Koslofsky said. “I was really shocked at his temperament, how unreasonable and difficult he could be. . . . He was the most difficult person in the association to deal with.”

This seems awfully petty for a guy who wants to be a United States Senator.

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