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Mahoney condemns judge’s decision on Arizona immigration law

July 28, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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First Congressional District Hopeful Sean Mahoney issued the following statement on a federal judge’s ruling on Wednesday against certain provisions within Arizona’s immigration law:

Judge Bolton’s decision today is unfortunate and unfair.

The federal government’s inability and unwillingness to secure the U.S. border with Mexico has left Gov. Jan Brewer and the state of Arizona with no choice but to take matters into its own hands and defend its border using its own resources. Now along comes a federal judge who says they can’t even do that. It’s unacceptable. If the Obama administration won’t enforce the current laws on the books then congressional action through the power of the purse strings and executive branch oversight must come in to play.

I support Gov. Brewer and the state of Arizona. We need to secure the border with an impenetrable fence to shut down the flow of illegal immigrants to zero.

Mahoney has been a consistent supporter of Arizona’s approach to border security:

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