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NRCC appears to back Bass over Horn in e-mail

October 23, 2009 by Patrick  
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The National Republican Congressional Committee appears to have extended the national GOP’s campaign to pre-select Republican congressional nominees in the Granite State by touting their recruitment of former Congressman Charlie Bass as a candidate for his old second district seat in a new fundraising e-mail.

In the e-mail NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions lists Bass as one “of the best candidates we’ve seen in a long time”:

Who will step up to the plate? Well, we’ve had incredible success in recruiting some of the best candidates we’ve seen in a long time, including former Rep. Charlie Bass (NH-01); state senator Robert Hurt (VA-05); Greg Newman, the mayor of Hendersonville, North Carolina (NC-11); state representative Scott Bruun (OR-05); and former state senator Joe Heck (NV-03). It’s no secret that these individuals come from heated battleground states, and their victories could represent significant turning points — both literally and figuratively — for our party.

There’s only one problem: Bass is only exploring the race for Congress and there is already a Republican candidate in the mix—2008 GOP congressional nominee Jennifer Horn. Bass is a proud moderate whereas Horn is a committed conservative.

In a recent Op-Ed in the Boston Globe, Bass suggested, “the extreme views of political talk-show commentators” have “become the primary architects of its [the GOP's] public image.”

In August, the powerful New Hampshire Union Leader criticized the NRCC as “Washington elites” who “presume to pick our candidates for us” because the committee has endeavored to clear the first congressional district Republican field for Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta.

“The party bosses in D.C. think they know better than the locals how to pick winning candidates. They don’t. They should butt out and let the people who actually live here decide,” the Union Leader said in the editorial.

The NRCC says the e-mail does not represent an endorsement of Bass.


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