Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Employee Free Choice Act – The campaign issue Paul Hodes wishes would go away

There’s an issue that is bothering the heck out of Democrats on the campaign trail this cycle. It’s a liberal pet legislative project that the majority of Americans oppose, but most Democrats in Congress support, although several key Dems have tried to back away from their position recently. No, it’s not Obamacare, it’s the Employee [...]

Senate hopefuls spar over Big Labor in first candidate forum
ANHJ Labor Day Reverse Job Fair Targets “Job Killing” EFCA
Business groups to target Hodes over Labor Day
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Hodes on ObamaCare: We’ll “fix it as you go along”

Democratic Senate hopeful Rep. Paul Hodes (NH-02) on Monday acknowledged for the first time that the national health care law (cialis generico online) he voted for earlier this year contains flawed provisions but dismissed any criticism saying Congress was already in discussions with small businesses to “fix that [provision] if and when the health care bill passed.” Hodes’ [...]

Shea-Porter falsely claims she doesn’t use term “teabagger”
Citizens Alliance refuses to retract press release alleging ‘Tea Party White Pride activities’
Will Pelosi deploy ‘the Shea-Porter solution?’
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Energy & Environment

Is the EPA targeting green energy now?

Environmental policies like cap-and-trade remain controversial, but policymakers of all stripes agree on the imperative to find alternative sources of energy. Reasons given range from concern about climate change to national security, but they all lead to the same conclusion – that the pressure is on to find clean, affordable, and plentiful alternatives to fossil [...]

Climate Change We Can Believe In?: NH candidates blow off Carbon Alliance forum
NH in center of storm in New England renewable energy battle
Raising energy taxes a BAD idea
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News & Politics

Ayotte joins GOP freshman class in calling for earmark ban

Just a few days after being named as a GOP rising star by the Daily Caller, New Hampshire Senator-Elect Kelly Ayotte made news again by putting her money – or in this case her signature – where her mouth is when it comes to earmarks. Earmarks are a perennial issue on the campaign trail, and [...]

Hodes doesn’t deny laughing at rape victim
You know you’re running a bad campaign when….
Burt Cohen plots return to politics?
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State House

New poll suggests Sen. Hassan in serious trouble as Election Day looms

Democratic State Senator Maggie Hassan could be in re-election jeopardy as Undeclared voters within District 23 overwhelming say they will vote to give Republicans control over state government, a new poll commissioned by says. Respondents were asked, “Are you planning on voting to keep the Democratic Party in control of state government or to [...]

Sources: Sen. Cilley on ‘McCarthy-ite crusade’ to defend JUA raid
Stephen gets big bounce in post-primary poll
Dave Danielson: Conservative Republican or Union Tool?
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