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Boutin defeats Goley in bellwether state senate special election

February 16, 2010 by Patrick  
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In what political observers are viewing as a major blow to Democratic Gov. John Lynch’s agenda and a foretaste of a potential Democratic bloodletting in November, Republican David Boutin defeated Democrat Jeff Goley in the District 16 state Senate special election, despite being vastly outspent. Goley and the Democrat Party, led by Ray Buckley, poured [...]

Sununu: “Election sends clear message to Governor Lynch”

November 4, 2009 by Patrick  
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How should Granite State political obsessives interpret Tuesday’s election results? As “a clear message to Governor Lynch and the radical leadership in the House and Senate that New Hampshire is fed up with the lack of fiscal discipline that has been displayed by the Democrats,” according to GOP Chair and former Gov. John Sununu. Sununu [...]

Buckley and Sununu in battle of ‘burps’

October 7, 2009 by Patrick  
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Democratic Chairman Ray Buckley just lobbed a hot one at Republican Chairman John Sununu over Sununu’s comment over the weekend suggesting that every time a Democrat burps Republicans will explain why that burp is bad for America. “John H. Sununu and the Republican Party’s strategy to divide, distract, and deceive is not what the people [...]

Sununu urges Republicans “not to be polite”

October 4, 2009 by Staff Reporter  
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New Hampshire Republican Chairman John H. Sununu urged New England Republican activists to “rub [the Democrats’] noses in every trivial issue” during a GOP forum in Rhode Island this weekend. Sununu also told Republicans “not to be polite,” according to the Providence Journal. “Every time they burp,” Sununu said, “we explain why that burp is [...]

State union cozying up to GOP

September 27, 2009 by Staff Reporter  
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REPUBLICANS ARE MAKING political hay out of the bitter contract talks between Gov. John Lynch and the State Employees Association. SEA is talking with a variety of GOP leaders, including Republican Party Chairman John H. Sununu, about working more closely together in the future on legislation SEA advocates. It is also in talks with the [...]