Saturday, July 2, 2011

Boutin defeats Goley in bellwether state senate special election

February 16, 2010 by Patrick  
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In what political observers are viewing as a major blow to Democratic Gov. John Lynch’s agenda and a foretaste of a potential Democratic bloodletting in November, Republican David Boutin defeated Democrat Jeff Goley in the District 16 state Senate special election, despite being vastly outspent. Goley and the Democrat Party, led by Ray Buckley, poured [...]

Republicans pound Goley for misleading mail on LLC Tax

February 4, 2010 by Patrick  
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Rep. Jeff Goley, the Democratic candidate for State Senate in the District 16 special election made an outrageous claim in the mail today. He says that if elected he will “lead the fight to reform the LLC Tax.” There’s only one problem: Goley actually voted for the LLC Tax while his opponent Republican Dave Boutin [...]