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GOP Rally to be headlined by the loser??

October 17, 2010 by Shawn Millerick  
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A self promoting Rally headlined by a loser in the US Senate Primary?  If you are a Republican candidate why would you go near this Rally?  Ovide Lamontagne lost and can’t seem to give up the limelight to Kelly Ayotte.  Sore loser or oblivious, either way this is so disrespectful to the Party ticket it confounds NowHampshire that the nominees are not outraged by this. Secretly I suspect they are and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ovide is standing on stage by himself.  Any goodwill Ovide built this year is rapidly disappearing because he can not control the reigns on his own political aspirations.  This is the equivalent to Mitt Romney announcing his 2012 campaign for President just after McCain won the nomination in 2008.  But Romney was smart enough to wait and actually campaign for McCain across the country like a great Republican and runner-up should do.  Ovide should take a lesson from Mitt Romney.  If he keeps this up, his PAC of the future will be as successful and have about as much money as his recent Primary campaign and he’ll come up short…AGAIN.  And we all know – THREE LOSSES AND YOU’RE OUT!

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