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Ayotte Deals Hodes Out Over Vegas Trip

October 13, 2010 by Amelia Chasse  
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Its looking like Paul Hodes will be back on the job market soon, so it should have come as a relief to him to find out on Monday that he may have a future in comedy. It might not have been his intention to bring the audience at the New England College Senate debate to laughter, but the sheer ridiculousness of his repeated refusals to admit where he was during a missed vote – in spite of video evidence placing him at liberal blogger conference Netroots Nation – did the trick.

During a segment where the candidates asked each other questions, Kelly Ayotte asked Hodes to explain why he had missed a July vote to extend unemployment benefits (a bill that he repeatedly used as a political football). Ayotte referred to a Concord Monitor article where Hodes’ camp flat-out refused to say where he had been when he was one of only nine Members not present on the House floor.

Ayotte gave Hodes two chances to ‘fess up to blowing out of town before the vote to go live it up with the liberal blogosphere in Vegas. The first time she asked, he said he didn’t need to be there because the bill was “absolutely going to pass.” He must be relieved that the majority of his colleagues didn’t use the same logic. When Ayotte pressed the issue of his specific location, Hodes continued to repeat that he had a “scheduling conflict.”

Ayotte finally pulled out her trump card; a video posted to Hodes’ campaign Youtube account announcing his upcoming appearance at Netroots Nation the day after the vote (guess he got there early to hit up the pre-parties). Hodes responded, “As I said, I was out of state,” drawing widespread laughter from the audience.

Newsflash, Congressman – when you post a video promoting your appearance at an event, it makes a little hard to play secret agent about where you were that day. Better call those Vegas contacts and see if you can get your own show…

Watch the exchange here:

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