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Forrester rolls out key law enforcement endorsement

October 6, 2010 by Amelia Chasse  
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Republican Jeanie Forrester continues to gain momentum in her State Senate race against Democrat incumbent Deb Reynolds with an endorsement from Sheriff Doug Dutile. Coming on the heels of a week of bad publicity for Gov. Lynch and Democrat legislators over a new law that mandates early release for violent parole violators, this support from a prominent member of the law enforcement community is well timed and should give Forrester a big boost.

“Jeanie Forrester will fight for us, our safety and our pocket books. She is the only candidate in District 2 who has pledged to repeal the mandatory parole bill that is releasing child predators back onto the streets—just to ‘balance’ the budget. I 100% back her efforts and her candidacy,” said Sheriff Dutile in a statement accompanying the endorsement rollout on Monday. He continued, “I just want to say to law enforcement and voters all across State Senate District 2 – Jeanie Forrester will be a state senator we can trust and that means so much.”

Forrester has garnered widespread support for her criticism of SB 500, the controversial bill that shortens jail sentences for parole violators. Reynolds co-sponsored the bill, which was recently signed into law by Governor Lynch. The new law was quick to attract criticism when it resulted in a three-time sex offender getting a mere 90 days of jail time after violating his parole.

The new law was touted as a cost-saving measure, but local law enforcement officials like Sheriff Dutile have pointed out that has the reforms simply shift monitoring and enforcement costs to county and local levels. Public safety is clearly an issue on NH voters’ radar now, and support from the law enforcement community will be key to Forrester on Election Day.

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