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Paul Hodes’ October Surprise: It’s John Kerry!

October 4, 2010 by Amelia Chasse  
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Paul Hodes seems confused. For the past month, he has been relentlessly trying to bestow upon himself the coveted title of “fiscal conservative.” He’s spent tens of thousands of campaign dollars on TV ads about getting rid of pork, and has repeatedly used rhetoric tying Ayotte to the vague and sinister “establishment.” Now, he’s using his recent endorsement from the NH Firefighters to kick of a “Turning the Heat Up on Washington” tour. So far, his strategy has seemed pretty consistent, at least as far as rhetoric goes.

Here’s where it stops making sense. What anti-establishment firebrand of populist ideals do you think Hodes has chosen to kick off his tour? One would think he would take pains to select a fiscally conservative outsider who would really help him convince voters that he is sticking it to the Washington establishment. Obvious choices that come to mind would be rabble-rouser Howard Dean, or perennial establishment-bucker Joe Lieberman, both fellow New-Englanders who would conform to Hodes’ campaign message.

No, it’s John Kerry. Yes, that John Kerry: ultra-liberal Senator from Massachusetts, decades-long elitist Washington insider, and 2004 Democratic Presidential embarrassment. Is this really the best Hodes can do, as the party’s nominee for a critical Senate seat? In this election cycle, Hodes tapping Kerry is the equivalent of Ayotte having Dick Cheney stump for her.

The choice of Kerry at best indicates that the Hodes campaign has terrible judgment, and at worst indicates that he couldn’t get anyone else to campaign for him. The second possibility would be very bad news for a candidate who is an average of 10 points down with a month to go, and badly in need of a game-changer.

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