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Pawlenty announces New Hampshire endorsements

September 22, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced an extensive list of endorsements for Granite State Republican candidates. All of the endorsements included contributions to the campaigns from Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC, totaling $32,000 – second only to Mitt Romney’s PAC, which contributed $40,000. Pawlenty did not endorse candidates during the often-contentious primary season, and in keeping with that spirit has avoided picking favorites by giving equally in each candidate category.

Coinciding with the release of the endorsements, Pawlenty announced a planned trip to NH on September 30th to campaign for congressional candidate Frank Guinta and gubernatorial candidate John Stephen. The Midwesterner has been a relatively frequent presence in the Granite State lately, most recently sending a team of staffers to assist the NH GOP during last week’s primary election. This likely won’t be the prospective 2012 presidential candidate’s last stop in the Granite State before Election Day, as he now has 43 reasons to make an appearance.

See below for the full list of endorsements and contributions amounts:

• John Stephen – NH Governor – $1,000
• Kelly Ayotte – NH Senate – $5,000
• Frank Guinta – NH-01 – $5,000
• Charlie Bass – NH-02 – $5,000

State and local candidates – $250 each:

• John Gallus
• Jeanie Forrester
• Jeb Bradley
• Jim Forsythe
• James Danforth
• Fenton Groen
• Andy Sanborn
• Bob Odell
• Ray White
• Tom Eaton
• Peter Bragdon
• Jim Luther
• Gary Lambert
• Sharon Carson
• Chris Wood
• David Boutin
• Jack Barnes
• Tom DeBlois
• Jim Rausch
• Joe Kelly Levasseur
• Peter Angerhofer
• Chuck Morse
• Russell Prescott
• Nancy Stiles

Executive Council candidates – $500 each:

• Ray Burton
• Dan St. Hilaire
• Chris Sununu
• Ray Wieczorek
• David Wheeler

Sheriff candidates – $250 to each:

• Christopher Conley
• Craig Wiggin
• Douglas Dutile
• Gerald Marcou
• James Hardy
• Mike Downing
• Mike Prozzo
• Richard Foote
• Scott Hilliard
• Wayne Estes

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