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Sources: Sen. Cilley on ‘McCarthy-ite crusade’ to defend JUA raid

September 20, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Sen. Jacki Cilley, Left

Concord, NH- Sen. Jackie Cilley is on a McCarthy-ite crusade to stop on organization from shining a light on the state’s attempt to raid a private fund in order to balance its budget,’s State House sources tell us.

Last Thursday the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rights (JLCAR) met to discuss rules changes the Lynch administration is trying to make to the Joint Underwriting Association (JUA). The committee of both House and Senate members met to consider changes to Insurance Department rules which would allows the commissioner to bypass a recent Supreme Court decision and raid the $110 million medical malpractice fund.

According to Grant Bosse of New Hampshire Watchdog a project of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy “Last year, members of the JUA successfully sued to block a transfer of $110 million from their account to the state’s General Fund. The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that the JUA was not a state agency, and that the members of the JUA had a contractual claim on any surplus.” Bosse also wrote that “Governor John Lynch has pledged ever since the JUA decision that any excess in the malpractice fund rightfully belongs to state taxpayers and has said he will find a way to get it.”

State Senator Jacalyn Cilley of Barrington is an important representative of the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rights (JLCAR). Leading up to the critical JLCAR meeting Americans for Job Security ran online advertisements statewide as well as in each committee member’s districts urging them to take action to protect the JUA.

During the hearing Senator Cilley harshly questioned defenders of private property and the JUA alike about any possible associations they have with Americans for Job Security. According to Concord insiders Senator Cilley has become obsessed with stopping the Americans for Job Security advertisements which shine a light on her role in the government’s raid of a private medical malpractice trust fund.

“In addition to trying to circumvent the NH Supreme Court ruling protecting private property Senator Cilley is on a McCarthy like crusade against citizens and organizations utilizing their first amendment rights,” one State House observer commented.

JLCAR will be taking up further discussions on the JUA later this week and a vote is expected on whether Lynch can complete his raid on the JUA.

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