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Lynch Taps “Kiss of Death” Maiola to Lead Campaign Effort

September 16, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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**Pre-Maiola, Lynch up 12 over John Stephen
Maiola era, “look out below” Lynch up 2!!

John Lynch, Kathy Sullivan and Ray Buckley announced their secret weapon in
the re-election effort of Governor “Misleads” Lynch: Joel Maiola.

John Stephen should, and will, be thanking them all the way to the corner
office. Let’s take a close look at Joel Maiola’s record.

* NH Campaign Manager for George W Bush for President 2000: Historic 19
point upset loss to Sen. John McCain. Bush held a 40 point lead when he
entered the race. But with Maiola’s astute political mind, that lead quickly evaporated.

* NH Advisor to frontrunner Governor Mitt Romney for President 2008: 6 point
loss to Sen. John McCain. Romney had a 17 point lead at one point. The only
thing worse than the Maiola advice was Tom Rath dancing to Sweet Caroline at a Romney rally.

* NH Advisor to frontrunner Senator Bob Dole for President in 1996: Loss to
Pat Buchanan. Dole had a 45 point lead when he entered the race. “Black cloud” Maiola struck again here.

* Lead Political Consultant to Congressman Jeb Bradley in his 2006 loss to
current Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter. It was obviously Maiola’s idea to
tell Jeb not to spend the $250,000.00 left in his bank account because he
didn¹t need to??

We would be remiss if we didn¹t mention his last victory, however, in 2004.
Maiola managed Gregg’s stunning re-election victory over 94 year old, yes
94, Doris “Granny D” Haddock. That was a truly inspiring triumph.

But, it was just a matter of time before Maiola joined the Democrats. His
history of driving frontrunner campaigns into the ground left him no option
because his phone calls went unanswered when his gravy train, Gregg,
announced his retirement. Republicans are privately thanking the Democrats
for taking him off their hands and we expect they will be sending Joel, Ray
and Kathy a special invitation to Governor-elect Stephen’s Inaugural next


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