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The evolution of Binnie’s denials on shipping jobs to Mexico

September 8, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Here is a chronology of Bill Binnie’s denials over the “Shipping jobs to Mexico” story:

When the story first broke in the Union Leader, Binnie said that he never shipped jobs to Mexico. He said that when the California plant closed, he oped a new plant down the road and all of the workers retained their jobs.

In a follow up story, when presented with his company’s own annual report that specifically said “relocated the Santa Ana, California plant to Tijuana, Mexico, a report that bears Binnie’s signature, Binnie then said that “both things are true”, that some of the jobs went to Mexico and some went to the new plant down the road from the old one.

Binnie then went back to denying the story altogether, claiming the entire affair was a case of mistaken identity. He said that while he owned A&E Plastics, a company by the name of A&E Systems was actually the one that shut a plant in Santa Ana, California close to his plant and that company was the one that moved jobs to Mexico.

Binnie then released an email saying that after he closed the California plant he shipped manufacturing machines from that plant to the one in Mexico, but not jobs. Of course, if someone was operating the machine in California, and a different person then operated it in Mexico, this is a tacit acknowledgment that he did in fact ship jobs to Mexico.

Binnie has also claimed that while Gary Rayno admitted that the Union Leader had made an error in its reporting and would grant a retraction, that retraction was vetoed by Joe McQuaid. Gary Rayno denied this is true.

And finally, Binnie claimed in the Portsmouth Herald that he didn’t even know the Union Leader was working on a jobs to Mexico story when they first contacted him, saying that the first he heard about it was when he read it in the newspaper. Gary Rayno said that this was not true, saying that both he and John Distaso asked Binnie directly about it. And of course, when one reads that first Union Leader story, one can’t help but notice that Binnie is quoted in it SEVEN TIMES, each time denying that he shipped jobs to Mexico.

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