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Guinta attempt to smear Mahoney on WMUR backfires

September 4, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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When WMUR did a story on the controversy surrounding Republican candidate Frank Guinta’s secret bank account, they were unable to get the former Manchester Mayor on camera. Instead they were stuck shooting a frightened-looking Brett Bosse trying to defend his boss’s financial mishaps armed with little more than that deer-in-the-headlight look in his eye and a high-pitched voice:

But when Team Guinta thought they had a clean hit on rival Sean Mahoney involving a convoluted Rube Goldberg-style robo-call gimmick, Frank was only too available to mug for the camera. Guinta took to the to airwaves to accuse, without a splinter of evidence, the Mahoney campaign of making illegal anonymous phone calls, something the Mahoney campaign denies vehemently. In fact, the Mahoney campaign has gone farther than either the Guinta or Rich Ashooh campaigns, saying it would make all of its campaign records available to AG investigators and challenging Guinta to do the same. has contacted the Guinta campaign and asked them to provide any proof at all to substantiate its outrageous allegation, but they were either unable or unwilling to provide it.

But what happened next on WMUR is the clincher. The story quickly turns from he said/he said/he said about the harebrained phone stunt to a recap of Frank Guinta’s mysterious bank account, which he is using to finance his campaign:

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