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*EXCLUSIVE: Binnie cuts TV buy, Ovide only at 9K

September 3, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Sources tell Now! Hampshire that media buys for the final week of the campaign, Tuesday the 7th to Tuesday the 14th, have been placed and they are startling. To start, Ovide Lamontagne’s buy is a paltry $9,000. Any hope he had of surging in the final week of the campaign just evaporated. With a small buy like that he is not going to go anywhere.

And then there is Bill Binnie. Sources close to the campaign said that Binnie had been buying over $400,000 a week for the past few weeks. His buy this week started at that level but late in the week they began tinkering with the buy, pulling ads until they were left with $150,000, most of which had already run. Binnie will spend very little between now and Tuesday the 7th, then will spend $91,000 for the final week. Binnie has also pulled his Boston buy entirely. What this means is unclear at this point, but what is certain is that due to the long weekend, Binnie cannot add TV until Tuesday morning, meaning the ads would not run until Wednesday at the earliest and possibly not until as late as Thursday.

No matter how you interpret the above numbers, one thing is clear: things look good for Ayotte.

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