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ANHJ Labor Day Reverse Job Fair Targets “Job Killing” EFCA

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Local businesspeople and pro-business groups issued a stern warning to NH candidates for Congress against supporting the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a bill that would increase union control in the workplace, calling it a “job-killer” during a reverse job fair hosted by the Alliance for NH Jobs.

Alliance Director Paul Young stated that EFCA was a “job killer” that “will result in more pink slips being handed out across the state.”

Participating in the virtual jobs fair were representatives from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association (NHBIA), and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), as well as a group of small business owners and managers, including two human resources managers representing the worker community along with other small business owners.

ABC President Mark Holden pointed to the provision in the bill that would eliminate the use of secret ballots in union elections, stating that it “violates the fundamental rights of American workers” and adding that “incumbent Members of Congress, who are elected by a secret ballot process, should know that.” Holden described the bill as un-American, calling EFCA “unfair, anti-democratic, anti-employer, anti-free speech.”

Representatives from statewide pro-business organizations spoke on behalf of the business community at large, with NFIB State Director Bruce Berke stating that EFCA has been “a continuous assault for the last several years on the business community” and NHBIA Vice President Dave Juvet describing EFCA as “resulting in businesses closing and New Hampshire workers losing jobs.”

Young and others were quick to detail the abuses of Big Labor, alleging that EFCA is merely an attempt to boost union membership and “bail out” the labor bosses who have bankrupted union pension funds through wasteful spending. Responding to a question from Now! Hampshire, Young called the union bosses “desperate men doing desperate things” to maintain a lifestyle of private jets and payoffs to politicians.

The event was timed to coincide with the upcoming holiday, with Young referring to EFCA as an attempt to “change Labor Day to Big Labor Bosses Day.” The other side of this debate is also taking advantage of the holiday, as both President Obama and Rep. Paul Hodes are scheduled to speak at AFL-CIO events on Monday.

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