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Dave Danielson: Conservative Republican or Union Tool?

September 2, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Granite State conservatives are starting to murmur: Why is Big Labor bankrolling and making turnout calls for a Republican candidate for State Senate?

Dave Danielson is running for state senate in district 9 to replace retiring Senator Sheila Roberge. The district covers the towns of Bedford, Merrimack, New Boston, Greenfield and Mont Vernon. Conventional wisdom says that the Republican nominee will become the next state senator given the heavy registration advantage for Republicans. Danielson is running against movement conservative Ray White who has a long history working for conservative Republicans.

The race got particularly interesting over the weekend when Danielson, a self proclaimed so-called conservative, fell into bed with the Firefighters Union whose members were anxiously making phone calls on his behalf.

Feeling the heat from Ray White, Danielson’s campaign has clearly become so desperate that he is parting ways with Sheila Roberge and conservatives in the Republican Party in return for the Union’s big money and outside forces to help resurrect his failing campaign.

What’s worse is that he is also siding with the big government, tax-and-spend politicians in Concord who are pushing for $275 million dollars by way of slot machine casinos. We heard from the field that the call script from the Firefighters Union had explicit instructions to
mention, first and foremost, that Dave Danielson is a strong supporter of expanded gambling. This comes as a shock to many, especially former Senator Roberge, one of only three consistently solid votes against gambling in the state senate, who thought Danielson was against slot machines.

In the final two weeks, this race appears to be coming down to fiscal issues and Danielson is siding with the Unions and the liberals who think state government has a revenue problem and not a spending problem. As the old fallacy of an income tax goes – where the revenue from an income tax would reduce property taxes – $275 million from slot machine casinos will never reduce spending in government. It’s the pro-government crowd’s way of getting more money to spend on state programs.


2 Responses to “Dave Danielson: Conservative Republican or Union Tool?”
  1. Whistleblower says:

    I guess when you are someone like Ray White that no one ever heard of before, who lands in town after he has been in hiding for 10 years, and who admits he didn’t even vote during that time, and has no merits to run on for himself, this is what you use your insurance PAC money for; to try to smear your worthy opponent who is a popular grass-roots candidate that has had a 40-year record of conservative activism.

    This is a ginned up smear and not based in any fact, but speculation. This is not a legitimate news site remember, but a rumor mill and arm of a communications company that wealthy insiders pay to do professional mud-slinging.

    Anyone who doesn’t know the FF have always supported Sheila Roberge in the past, doesn’t know the district. They have no expectations except that Dave will follow the platform he’s outlined on his website at

    And a few friends Dave’s known for years, who made token donations, does not indicate any promises were made to them. Dave has a lot of support from a lot of different people.
    Hopefully, those who are not already turned off by this cheap attack, will see right through it.

    And he still in fact has not broken with the GOP and has the endorsements of Roberge, and 4 of NH’s best state reps.

    This shows just how desperate this newcomer is, and it’s a shame.

    You don’t just breeze into town, tell folks you are going to be a ‘lazy senator’ and not go up there more than 3 days per week, and then expect people to like you and reject a native son who has been active in conservatism for years because you made up a few smears out of the blue.

  2. InThe BellCurve says:

    Mr. Millerick,

    I must admit that I had anticipated Mr. White to go negative. Most desperate candidates will resort to it. Regardless of why, it is always unfortunate and pathetic. I am however surprised that Mr.White did not have the moral fiber to do it himself and not resort to “Negative by Proxy”! Yes Shawn Millerick, you are a proxy for Mr. Ray White. I am quite certain that he either wrote this himself, or coached you on its “content”. Anyone who reads this “hit piece” knows it. Shame on you for being a pawn in such deception.

    Regarding your comment….”..siding with unions…” Did you actually mean to use the plural form of the word? Dave Danielson is proud…VERY proud of the support he has from the FIREFIGHTERS. Remember firefighters? They are the people that go running INTO a burning building while everyone else is running OUT! They are the ones that risk their lives to save others. “Hero” is a word that is used often in the same sentence with “firefighter”. Is that starting to ring a bell? Since you used the plural form of the word union (with a capital too: “Unions”), perhaps you can let us all know from your “sources” or those ubiquitous “murmurers” what other unions are supporting him…and which liberals is he siding with? “..the Union’s big money and outside forces”? Really? You must then consider the money Mr. White has received and continues to receive from the Insurance Industry as nothing short of a Gargantuan, Ox-staggering amount.

    What have your “murmurs” said about that? The “murmurs” I’ve heard is that Ray White will proudly be in the pockets of the Insurance Companies. Hmmm… Do I want a candidate supported by heroes like firefighters, or do I want a candidate supported by those “compassionate and altruistic” Insurance Companies?

    As for Mr. Danielson’s “support” of gambling…that too is nothing more than adding another shell to Mr. White’s shell game of; “look over here at this dribble and ignore the fact that nearly 70% of my padded war chest (well over $13,000) comes from Insurance Company PACs and donations from Insurance Industry insiders”. Isn’t that right?

    Have you actually spoken with the “shocked” Senator Roberge about where Dave stands on gambling? I have! Have you actually spoken with Dave Danielson about his position on gambling? I have! Do you actually know ANYTHING or do you just sit there making this nonsense up or waiting for “Ray White, Darling of the Insurance Industry” to send you your cannon fodder? Dave Danielson has indicated that gambling was something to “look at” but that there were so many problems it was unlikely it could work. More importantly Dave has ALWAYS emphasized we should CUT SPENDING FIRST before looking for additional revenue sources. I am sure you know that but then, it would take another shell out of the game you and Ray White are playing wouldn’t it?

    You also state that Dave is “…parting ways with Senator Roberge…” Again I ask you, have you actually (ever) spoken with Senator Roberge? I know for a fact that you haven’t yet you still have the temerity to write that down, or more likely, copy that down from Mr. White and pals.

    Why do you make no mention whatsoever of Mr. White’s Insurance Industry bedfellows? Why, when the windfall from “Obama-Care” the Insurance Companies will soon enjoy is there no mention at all on Mr. White’s web-site, his literature, or anywhere for that matter about health care and its impact on The Insurance Industry? Or from you! Do you think that little of the people that read this? Do you think they are all that ignorant? Your piece is nothing more than an insult to anyone that took the time to read it. Again I say; SHAME ON YOU!

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