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****Binnie most unpopular candidate in any race

September 1, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Now! Hampshire has learned that according to several internal polls, Bill Binnie is the most unpopular candidate running for any office in NH this election cycle. In fact, some veteran politicos think that it is possible that Binnie is the most unpopular candidate to run for office in NH in recent memory.

Sources say that Binnie has very high unfavorables; in one poll his favs and unfavs were nearly equal; in another, his unfavs were actually higher than his favs and were approaching 50%. The negative ad blitz he unleashed on his opponent Kelly Ayotte was viewed by many observers as unskilled and over-the-top, and it appears that it has greatly impacted his image. Polls show that the vast majority of NH voters view Binnie as a negative campaigner. As Now! Hampshire previously reported, the Binnie campaign’s own internal polling shows the same thing, which prompted Binnie to suddenly pull his negative ads late last week after he received poll results last Wednesday.

Binnie has run nothing but positive ads this week in an attempt to improve his image and has claimed his several forums that he is eschewing negative campaigning. Whether or not Binnie is sincere or is will return to his slash and burn tactics remains to be seen.

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