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Guinta’s record on abortion at odds with stump rhetoric

August 30, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Guinta was a pro-abortion state rep. despite campaign rhetoric

When Republican congressional hopeful Frank Guinta (NH-01) talks about abortion on the campaign trail, he leads people to believe he is as hardcore on the issue as anyone. He even told Foster’s Daily Democrat recently that he is pro-life – with no exceptions.

Giunta rarely talks about his actual record on the issue, however. Perhaps that’s because Frank Guinta’s record on abortion, and other cultural issues, reveal that he has spent his career as a rigid social liberal who is out of step with conservatives in his party. In fact, one source tells that until this year, Guinta never even bothered to fill out a New Hampshire Right to Life candidate survey.

Far from being a pro-life state legislator, Guinta’s brief stint in the New Hampshire House shows he strongly supports a woman’s right to choose an abortion in virtually all cases.

Guinta served in the New Hampshire House in 2001 and 2002. He won re-election, but resigned his seat to work for Rep. Jeb Bradley. During that time Guinta voted against a measure that would have required parental consent for a minor to obtain an abortion (HB 1380, 2002). He also opposed stronger protections for unborn babies to be written into the state’s negligent homicide statute HB 319, 2002).

Guinta opposed a civil rights bill for health care providers, which would have preserved a doctor’s right to conscience on the issue of abortion (HB 1209, 2001).

Guinta even opposed a bill to stop the sale of aborted fetal body parts (HB 602, 2001).

Abortion isn’t the only social issue on which Guinta was an unreconstructed liberal, though. For example, he voted to block a bill that would have allowed parents a say in whether their children were subject to sex education in classrooms (HB 1346, 2002).

And despite his anti-gay marriage rhetoric on the campaign stump, Guinta once voted to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states (HB 454, 2001).

Guinta has never offered a public explanation for his election-year conversion on social issues.

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