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EXCLUSIVE: The strategy behind Ayotte’s bold move

August 30, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Today the Ayotte campaign released a new ad that touts her bio but includes a dig at Bill Binnie, saying that “some of my opponents can buy all of the commercials they want” but that “our next senator should have the biggest commitment to public service, not the biggest bank account.”

Sources tell Now! Hampshire that the Ayotte camp has numbers that show that Binnie’s ads drove his own negatives up. Now that Binnie has announced that he will only go positive, Ayotte put up this ad in an attempt to beat him to it; since voters are sick and tired of the negative, Ayotte will benefit from a round of positive. And if Binnie decides to step up his negative attacks instead, it will continue to blow up in his face, since Ayotte’s touts her public service and the military service of her husband. How does Binnie run negatives against an Iraq War veteran?

More importantly, the shot at Binnie’s money and ads will sting. Everyone knows how that almost sunk Craig Benson back in ’02, and Binnie seems to be repeating his mistakes. The Ayotte campaign reportedly has numbers showing that Binnie’s wealth, especially when used to buy negative ads, is one of the highest negatives they tested against him. Given that voters are especially turned off right now due to Binnie’s negative blitz, the Ayotte camp feels this is an especially potent hit. And Binnie has never done a good job of explaining all of the charity work etc he has used his money for, although he has tried to get that out more in the press lately. But unless he puts money behind it on Boston and WMUR, it will not burn into the voters’ consciousnesses.

It will be interesting to see what Binnie does in response to Ayotte’s move, but the consensus of most political insiders is that he should run some positive spots and he should take on directly the charge that he is a rich guy trying to buy this election.


One Response to “EXCLUSIVE: The strategy behind Ayotte’s bold move”
  1. Clarisa says:

    Binnie should take on the charge that he is a rich guy trying to buy this election?

    And do what with it? Prove that it’s not a screamin’, out-n-out statement of fact?

    You don’t get the feeling that this guy sees himself as our better – after all, he keeps reminding us, he went to Harvard, twice – and that he will go to DC to support laws that will force us to follow his liberal ideas on governing?

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