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**Must read: Binnie meltsdown during interview

August 29, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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This is the link to the WKXL interview with Bill Binnie that has everybody whispering; if you haven’t listened to it, you really should. People are saying that it is one of the most remarkable things they have ever heard in NH politics.

By now everybody has heard how Binnie got a poll back on Wednesday that showed that his negative barrage of ads, mail and calls blew up in his face. He barely dented his opponent Kelly Ayotte and yet drove up his own negatives threw the roof. After he got the poll, Binnie lashed out at his consultants and pulled down his negative ads. Realizing the move backfired and he damaged himself, he is now pledging to go positive.

Ever since he got the poll back, Binnie has been whining about how unfair the whole thing is. To hear Binnie tell it, somehow a guy who unleashed millions of dollars of negative attacks is the real victim, and that sentiment is on full display in the WKXL interview.

Binnie starts by making the incredulous claim that his company moving jobs to Mexico was a case of mistaken identity. He claims that it was a company with a similar name, even though the Union Leader has his company’s annual report, signed by Binnie himself, that specifically mentions the relocation of its California plant to Mexico.

And that’s when he starts whining. He says he cannot believe what “they” are doing to his record and that it is “breathtakingly painful” and “so frustrating”.

He goes on to say that “I can’t believe what these insiders, these Washington insiders did to me,” and “I raise my hand and say, ‘I can’t believe they did this to me.” He says that in campaigns you get vilified, that “political experts” are very good at doing it.

Binnie has probably forgotten that he has hired none other than Arthur Finklestein, one of the greatest smear campaign artists of all time. He also has Brian Lanza and a Canadian by the name of Gerry Nichols, who refers to himself on his blog as one of the top five political minds in Canada. Binnie also paid $200,000 to Gary Maloney, an opposition research specialist.

Binnie also whines that “nobody is doing this to the other candidates”, but I guess for some reason he is forgot about the multi-million dollar barrage of ads, calls and mail he unleashed on his opponent Kelly Ayotte.

The WKXL interviewer, however, had not. He asked Binnie if he distorted Ayotte’s record in his ads.
Binnie responds by trying to justify his negative attacks by saying that the “Ayotte campaign did this to me” and that he had filed FEC complaints to prove this. Binnie is referring to his claim that Ayotte had coordinated with Cornerstone Action, of which there is no proof whatsoever. Binnie says this “outside group said vicious, vicious things about me”.

Cornerstone, of course, is a well-known NH grassroots organization. And the vicious things they said about him include that he is pro-gay marriage and pro-choice, which he is, that he said he was open to the TARP bailout and the VAT tax, which he did, and that he opposes the Arizona law cracking down on illegal aliens, which he does. None of these things are in dispute; moreover, there are YouTube clips of Binnie saying all of these things.

Binnie further tries to justify his attacks on Ayotte by saying that five former chairs of the NH GOP wrote an op-ed attacking him. The op-ed was about how Binnie gave money to liberal Democrats like Jeanne Shaheen and Martha Fuller Clark, which he did. And how an op-ed justifies millions in TV ads is lost on everyone but Binnie.

Still, Binnie whines that “nobody in my party came to my defense” and that he “turned the other cheek” but finally said “enough is enough” and decided to “contrast backgrounds”. Binnie said it is “unfortunate from the voters’ standpoint because they don’t want to see that” and “I know they don’t” and even “I didn’t want to do it” but he had no choice.

Binnie says his ads were about the FRM Ponzi scheme which occurred due to the “incompetence of Kelly’s office”. Of course, everyone but Binnie knows that the AG’s office didn’t have jurisdiction.
Binnie also says that with Bob Clegg, he was talking about his personal experience with Ayotte. And along with the FRM victims, his ads “used their own words”. Binnie goes on to say that “I didn’t make this up, like they did.”

Of course, if telling the truth and using people’s own words isn’t negative, then ads using clips of Binnie’s own words certainly can’t be a “viscous, viscous” attack.

But now, Binnie says, he has seen the light. “I am going to go positive, my stories, my ads,” he says. “I understand now that voters are fed up with negative ads. I understand that.”
The operative word being “now”, as in “I got my poll back, see that my negative ads blew up in my face, and so now I will be positive.”

Binnie goes on to say, “Do I think that my ads were illustrative of her career – absolutely. Do I think that voters are fed up with hearing it – absolutely. That’s why we have to turn it around and be positive. I hear them, I hear Fosters.”

Binnie is referring to the Fosters editorial that chastised him for the negative ads. Word is that he was counting on that endorsement and called the paper to try and make amends.
But Binnie still can’t but help to try and justify what he did, saying, I hope the voters understand that I tried to turn the other cheek, that I took it from all sides, that I didn’t go negative first.”
But then he can’t help himself, he concludes by saying, “Telling the truth is not negative.”

All in all, it is obvious from this interview that Binnie realizes that his ads blew up in his face and he is beside himself. He cannot believe that people think he is he bad guy and it is driving him crazy. So he tries to explain how he is really the victim and how that justified what he did, and now he is desperate to wear the white hat again, and so he will run a positive campaign.

Binnie clearly does not have the stomach for politics and has proven that he has a glass jaw. He over reacted and went over the top, and now is sullen and sulking.
Given this interview, it sounds like Binnie might make some erratic moves in the final two weeks.


2 Responses to “**Must read: Binnie meltsdown during interview”
  1. Stephanie Lane says:

    Last Friday, I went to Mr. Binnie’s campaign office to pick up a few more signs for some clients who have requested, yes REQUESTED them. I noticed the door had been postered over and was told there had been some kind of vandalism. This morning I opened my peaceful little shop on Daniel Street and my lobby had been vandalized. The red, white and blue glass balls hanging from the ceiling had been ripped out and broken. If this was perpetrated by Democrats or Republicans opposed to Mr. Binnie’s views as a result of my support for him, here me out: you have failed miserably, and I am ever so more resolved to cast my worthy vote for this candidate…

  2. Clarissa says:

    O’ Billy Boy, we know you’re counting on the Stupidity Factor, and were you running in the Dem primary you might have a shot playing that angle. But most of us have a greater respect for GOP voters. They’re not going to be so stupid as to elect you as the GOP nominee.

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