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Binnie offers 3rd excuse for shipping jobs to Mexico: It wasn’t my company!

August 28, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Bill Binnie now has his third answer for the question as to whether or not he moved jobs to Mexico. First he denied it. He said that while he did shut down the Santa Ana plant, he moved all of those jobs to a plant down the road, then opened a new plant in Tijiuana. When presented by the Union Leader with copies of his company’s annual reports that literally said “relocated the Santa Ana plant to Tijiuana”, Binnie’s response was that “both were true”, that the Santa Ana plant was shut down and some jobs were moved to both a new plant in the U.S. as well as to Mexico.

Now Binnie has his third response: that it wasn’t even his company. He claims that his company was A&E Plastics, while the company that moved jobs to Mexico was A&E Systems. Of course, that doesn’t explain why is company’s annual report says otherwise, and it was signed by Binnie himself.

It is starting to seem as if Binnie has a real problem with the truth. He doesn’t think anything of just flat out denying what is obviously true, and the mediaare talking about how he has developed a credibility problem.


One Response to “Binnie offers 3rd excuse for shipping jobs to Mexico: It wasn’t my company!”
  1. Clarisa says:

    Once you’ve lost your own reputation by your own stupidity, ya can’t get it back?

    From the outset this was always Binnie’s problem. He wouldn’t tell the truth. Now that the truth has all caught up with him, Binnie’s at the end of the road. He’s permanently damaged goods. Send him to Building 19.

    This is a person NH voters can trust? To even have to ask such a question about a candidate is to answer it.


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