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*Binnie strategy in disarray

August 26, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Sources have told Now! Hampshire that the campaign of country club owner Bill Binnie is in disarray. Behind in the polls and running out of time, his campaign is flailing about, unsure of what to do. Even worse, it appears as if Binnie just got a poll that shows his negative ads blew up in his face.

It is well-known that Binnie got a poll a few weeks back that showed the Cornerstone ads had damaged him and that he was slipping further behind front-runner Kelly Ayotte. In response, the Binnie campaign decided to unleash one of the nastiest and most negative barrages ever seen in NH politics. Binnie spent $1 million on TV ads, including a huge Boston buy, and cycled in one attack ad after another. Every few days a new ad bashing Ayotte debuted, and the negative ads were coupled with a flood of mail and telephone calls as well. Sources have told Now! Hampshire that they received three mail pieces hitting Ayotte ON THE SAME DAY and others have said that they received one call after another.

Sources have said that Binnie was in the field this week testing to see if his barrage had torn down Ayotte, and they received the results of that poll on Wednesday morning. Word is that events were canceled to hold an emergency meeting on the results. While the exact results are not known, it is said that Binnie was not happy with the results. The feeling is that Binnie’s over-the-top negative ads blew up in his face and drove his own unfavorables UP.

This morning, more than one observer noted that Binnie had changed his ads. Rather than the scorched earth ads of earlier in the week, Binnie was running some positive. Moreover, it was OLD positive. He now has at least three ads running that he ran earlier this year, one with his dad, one bio, and one with him speaking at a rally.

The fact that Binnie suddenly went positive shows that negative wasn’t working, and the fact that these were old ads show that he didn’t have time to cut new ones. He saw the poll on Wednesday and changed the traffic order for Thursday. And finally, since he is running FIVE separate ads, the three positive plus he still has the “Ayotte is an insider” and the futile Clegg ads up, it shows that he simply doesn’t know what to do and is flailing about.

All in all, this reminds of those old cartoons where a boxer throws a haymaker and knocks himself out.


5 Responses to “*Binnie strategy in disarray”
  1. Oliver Klozoff says:

    Here’s an idea: run some TV ads with a charismatically-challenged, unknown, disliked election loser. Oh wait, I forgot they tried that. Anyone who puts Bob Clegg in an ad and thinks it is a brilliant move deserves to lose.

    Binnie’s numbers are so bad Clegg is going to start eating again.

  2. Spartacus says:

    Here, here, Clarisa. Binnie should have run as a liberal Democrat. He would be much happier and more honest with himself.

  3. Clarisa says:

    Every bit of Binnie’s troubles can be laid at the feet of Binnie himself because of one of his greatest character flaws. He did not want the voters to know his inner beliefs. Even the UL kept asking, Who is the real BB? Initially Binnie may not have actively lied to the voters, but he played a game of not leveling with them. He gave selective information to the voters on a “need to know” basis, and only he would decide what they needed to know.

    This strategy blew up in his face when others, notably Cornerstone, began disclosing to the public Binnie’s own words about his very liberal ideas (so liberal that BB should have run in the D primary). At that point Binnie began his nasty program of active deception and attacks.

    Would NH really want this sort of person in public office?


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