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Sununu calls Binnie “disingenuous” and “clueless”

August 25, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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In an op-ed that ran in the Union Leader today, former governor and current GOP chair John Sununu took a shot at the ever-increasingly unpopular Bill Binnie.

In the op-ed, Sununu calls on the candidates to avoid negative attacks on their fellow GOPers, and it includes this paragraph:

“With that as the reality of what my message has been, I was truly surprised to hear that my latest letter urging our Republican candidates not to go negative was described as coming “too late.” The message was the same one I had been delivering all year. If anyone says he didn’t get the message loud and clear over the past 12 months, he would have to be either clueless or disingenuous. And I will continue to urge our Republican primary candidates not to resort to negative attacks, but to focus on explaining why they would serve the nation and New Hampshire best.”

There shouldn’t be any confusion as to who Sununu is referring to. Right before going over-the-top negative on his opponent Kelly Ayotte, Binnie tried to justify it by claiming that Sununu’s call to remain positive had come too late. Sununu is now calling Binnie disingenuous or clueless.

Word on the street is that the Binnie camp flipped out when they saw this this morning.

Red Hampshire has the scoop here.


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