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Sen. Jack Barnes piles on Clegg

August 24, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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After lobbyist and failed congressional primary candidate Bob Clegg appeared in a Bill Binnie ad slinging mud at Binnie’s opponent Kelly Ayotte, people started lining up to take a shot at Clegg. But when Clegg started taking hits, the Binnie campaign didn’t bother to defend him. So Clegg sent an email to James Pindell at the NH Poltiical report to respond on his own behalf.

Now state senator Jack Barnes has taken a whack at him for making “ridiculous accusations”. Barnes says that Clegg is a “lobbyist representing left-leaning groups like the state employees union and the trial lawyers” and that what he is saying about Kelly Ayotte is nonsense.

One observer noted that at this rate, Clegg might not have many friendly faces left to lobby at the statehouse next year.

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