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Union Leader dings anonymous Twitterers, Facebookers

July 28, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Fake Rich Ashooh, Phoney Mahoney and Dollar Bill Binnie beware. The state’s largest and most politically influential newspaper is not a fan of fake Twitter feeds and bogus Facebook profiles.

In an editorial on Wednesday, the New Hampshire Union Leader opined:

But some staffers and volunteers on the shady side of New Hampshire’s political world know how to use social media anonymously. That’s where the sleaze emerges.

If you receive a political tweet, Facebook message or e-mail that offers odd or disturbing information about the candidate whose name it carries, examine it very closely and double-check any allegations. It may well be a fraud, just as phony as a Nigerian investment proposal.

The cowards who set up these social media accounts want you to share their political poison with your friends. We hope you will click the delete button.

The singularly most ridiculous example came, most likely, from the Frank Guinta campaign. Someone created a fake Facebook profile called Phony Mahoney. The attack was clearly aimed at Guinta rival Sean Mahoney. But here’s the thing: The only two people to Friend “Phony Mahoney” before Facebook removed the profile for violating its terms were Sean Thomas and Roger Wilkins, two staff members for Guinta. When you are engaged in dirty tricks, you want to keep your fingerprints off of it. These numbskulls put their pictures on it!

Equally ham-handed have been the over-the-top anonymous e-mail attacks against Kelly Ayotte and Bill Binnie in the Senate race and Sean Mahoney in the House race. From what we have seen, the Second Congressional District race has been mercifully clear of this behavior.


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  1. julie says:

    cant believe someone tried to break into paris hiltons home

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