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Ashooh backs off “deport illegals” position over weekend

July 26, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Well, that was quick.

In a short-lived effort to make his candidacy for Congress in NH-01 relevant, Republican Rich Ashooh last Thursday attempted to cause a ruckus by taking a hard line on illegal immigration. Ashooh said he wanted to round up all illegal aliens and deport them.

“Yes, enforcing our immigration laws will cost money,” acknowledged Ashooh defiantly.

And yet Ashooh appears to have backed off that stand only hours later in a meeting with the New Hampshire Union Leader. According to reporter John DiStaso, Ashooh “said he is not proposing ‘rounding them up’ but merely to deport them once they have been detained by law enforcement,” which is essentially the exact position every other Republican candidate in the field holds.

Ashooh, who is identified in the Union Leader as “Rick” Ashooh, saw his position begin to unravel, it seems, when Nashua Telegragraph reporter Kevin Landrigan began to probe a little deeper:

Ironically, Ashooh’s strongest and most prominent supporters, former Sen. Warren Rudman and two-time presidential candidate Steve Forbes, support amnesty and/or fully open borders for illegal immigrants.

The Ashooh campaign didn’t respond to an e-mail seeking comment on that dichotomy.

It does not appear that Rick Ashooh’s campaign is any more relevant on Monday than it was last Thursday.


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