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Guinta admits to signing on to Sierra Club cap-and-trade scheme

July 22, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Guinta (NH-01) now admits to backing Sierra Club cap-and-trade plan

The campaign of embattled Republican congressional candidate Frank Guinta acknowledged on Wednesday that as Mayor of Manchester Guinta signed on to the Sierra Club’s “Cool Cities Initiative” three years ago, which included participation in the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement and endorsement an of federal cap-and-trade legislation.

Guinta denied having signed the Conference of Mayors Agreement last weekend to Nashua Telegraph columnist Kevin Landrigan. But his story – that the previous Democratic mayor signed the agreement and Guinta’s name was swapped in after he took office – began to unravel when conservative bloggers unearthed contemporary news stories showing Guinta embraced the Sierra Club’s agenda.

Guinta is running as a conservative who opposes cap-and-trade. But in 2007 he did sign on to the Climate Protection Agreement. The Agreement, “Urge[s] the U.S. Congress to pass the bipartisan greenhouse gas reduction legislation, which would establish a national emission trading system,” also known as cap-and-trade.

Guinta still isn’t taking full responsibility for backing the agreement. A spokesman told the Associate Press on Wednesday that the Board of Alderman, not Guinta initiated the City’s relationship with the Sierra Club. Nevertheless, at the time Guinta said he was “very pleased” to sign on with the Sierra Club.


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