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Bender Takes a Shot at Binnie in UL Story

July 19, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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In yet another example of how the senate race is starting to heat up, GOP contender Jim Bender took a shot at fellow businessman Bill Binnie in today’s Union Leader profile. The article notes that Bender attended the Harvard Business School but never mentions it on the stump, and it quotes him as saying that this “differentiates me because one of my opponents (Binnie also went to Harvard) constantly talks about his Harvard education.” It is not the first time that someone has noticed that Binnie is impressed with himself.


One Response to “Bender Takes a Shot at Binnie in UL Story”
  1. Tobiasson says:

    WE are being unmercifly harrassed by your political phone survey teams. We do not wish to respond in any way so remove our names from ALL of your bugging lists!

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