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‘Grandstander’ Guinta jonesed on stimulus money, now opposes it

July 15, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Republican congressional candidate Frank Guinta has made his fierce opposition to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or the stimulus act, and government spending generally, the cornerstone of his campaign message.

But a new revelation in the New Hampshire Union Leader shows Guinta may actually be “grandstanding” on this issue.

Guinta has called the stimulus a “trillion dollar disaster.” His own campaign website says Guinta “is against the Obama stimulus package that has yet to bring us jobs.”

But in an item in John DiStaso’s Granite Status on Thursday we learn that while still serving as Mayor of Manchester, Frank Guinta couldn’t get that stimulus money fast enough.

And there is an added twist. Then-Attorney General and now U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte accused Guinta of “grandstanding” on the stimulus:

‘GRANDSTANDER.’ Frank Guinta is a “grandstander.”

That’s not our opinion. It’s Ayotte’s description of the former Manchester mayor.

A fun tidbit from the more than 6,000 Ayotte e-mails released by the Attorney General’s Office last week turned up a brief e-mail exchange between Ayotte and Deputy AG Bud Fitch on the March 2009 day we reported that then-Manchester Mayor Guinta, who was gearing up for his congressional run at the time. Guinta complained in a front page story about the slow pace the state was collecting stimulus money from the feds and distributing it to the local communities.

That day, Fitch e-mailed Ayotte on the story:

“The fun never ends!”

And Ayotte replied:

“Pressure coming your way….He is such a grandstander.”

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