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Mahoney pounds Shea-Porter over House budget failure

June 22, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Republican congressional candidate Sean Mahoney wasted no time in criticizing Democratic incumbent Rep. Carol Shea-Porter over news on Tuesday that Democrats in the House of Representatives will not pass a budget this year.

“After engaging in a multi-trillion dollar spending spree that has imperiled the U.S. economy, Carol Shea-Porter and Nancy Pelosi now say they won’t even try to pass a federal budget,” Mahoney said in a statement. “But they aren’t being honest about why: There’s no money. And in order to pass a budget the liberals in Washington will need to either raise taxes again or borrow trillions more. Their failure is a betrayal of our trust.”

Mahoney mocked Shea-Porter for having criticized so-called Republican budget “gimmicks” in the past while failing to pass one this year.

“[S]he’s stumbled upon the mother of all gimmicks: Just don’t pass a budget at all. It’s irresponsible, it’s shameful and it’s a betrayal,” Mahoney said.

“Carol Shea-Porter owes the families of New Hampshire an apology,” Mahoney concluded. “She promised to be something different in Washington. She told us she would work toward a ‘responsible’ budget that met our nation’s needs. Instead she and Nancy Pelosi broke the bank on ObamaCare, a failed stimulus and auto bailouts and dropped the ball on the budget.”

Mahoney is running in a multi-candidate Republican primary for the right to take on Shea-Porter in the General Election.

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