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Guinta staffer: Gatsas is a ‘jerk’

June 20, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph has a small item in his Sunday column this week about a chasm forming between First District Republican hopeful Frank Guinta’s public and private reactions to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas’ endorsement of Sean Mahoney:

The Guinta campaign shrugged off the Gatsas endorsement in public, noting only that as a Manchester alderman, Gatsas hadn’t approved of the lower spending budgets that Guinta had proposed when he was Manchester mayor.

But The Sunday Telegraph has obtained the copy of an e-mail sent by a Guinta staffer commiserating about losing Gatsas to Mahoney in which the tagline is, “Subject: Gatsas (jerk!)’’

Sounds like it was personal, doesn’t it?

Indeed, it does sound personal. Perhaps Guinta will reign in the offending staffers, especially after a previous staff-inspired debacle, the fake anti-Mahoney Facebook profile that lasted all of about twenty minutes, left egg on his campaign’s face.


2 Responses to “Guinta staffer: Gatsas is a ‘jerk’”
  1. nhFreedom says:

    Seriously d. webster! An email from an anonymous staffer where the subject is “Gatsas (jerk)” do you know what () mean? that’s not even the original wording!

    If you were anything like your namesake Daniel Webster you’d take back your comments and apologize to Mayor Guinta!

    Now Hampshire please don’t make any more accusations until you are willing to publish the entire E-mail and names!

  2. d. webster says:

    These silly games don’t help defeat Shea-Porter. I think that name calling only reflects badly on the candidates who engage in the childish taunting. Frank Gunita should apologizes to Mayor Gatsas and take personal responsibility for his own campaign. Will Frank stand up and be a man about these negative attacks? A lot about Gunita’ character will be shown, so far the silence has been deafening.

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