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Hassan: “Republicans should recuse” from FRM hearing

June 10, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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Hassan has close political ties to Paul Hodes

Hassan lashes out at Republican colleagues

State Senator Maggie Hassan has lashed out at her Republican colleagues on the joint legislative committee to study the state’s FRM scandal, implying they are not impartial and should recuse themselves when former-Attorney General and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte testifies next week.

Hassan, facing criticism about her own political biases in calling Ayotte before a joint legislative committee because of her close ties to Democrat Senate candidate Paul Hodes, suggested to the New Hampshire Union Leader, “the Republicans should recuse themselves because my guess is that some of the Republican members are supporting some of Kelly’s opponents in the Republican primary.”

“If we’re going to begin to questions folks’ objectivity on the committee because of partisan loyalties, I think you could ask the same questions about the Republican members as you would ask the Democratic members of the committee,” Hassan told the Union Leader’s John DiStaso.

Hassan’s rhetoric appears to take the partisanship of the FRM scandal to new heights. It is one thing for an internet journalist to question a politician’s priorities. It is quite another for a committee chairwoman to question the integrity of her colleagues. sought comment from Hassan when we broke the story about her partisan ties to Hodes, but she did not respond to our request. gave Hassan an opportunity to clarify her remarks to the Union Leader on Thursday, but she again refused to respond.

As reported originally, Hassan is an active supporter of Hodes’ campaign for U.S. Senate. She joined Hodes on a press conference call to attack Ayotte for opposing ObamaCare. Meanwhile, Hodes has called on Ayotte to be forced to testify no fewer than nine times since the FRM hearings began.

Hassan has never answered whether she has spoken to Hodes about FRM.


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