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Binnie defensive about his campaign spending

June 9, 2010 by Shawn Millerick  
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In a bizarre post that appeared on the website of country club owner-turned-senate candidate Bill Binnie, Binnie appears defensive about the personal millions he has dumped into his campaign. The post claims that it isn’t the millions of dollars of his wealth that he has spent on campaign ads that has boosted his poll numbers, but rather his message. He even goes so far as to champion his Chevy Suburban in an attempt to appear humble, but forgets to mention his private plane and multi-million doallar car collection.


2 Responses to “Binnie defensive about his campaign spending”
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  2. fs says:

    And exactly how does a self-centered, multi-millionaire connect with people who, among countless other tasks, must stand in line at post offices on Saturday mornings, only to go on to the next task which invariably will require him/her to stand in yet another line? This guy is so clueless that he really believes that he can buy his way to the front of the political line and the people, the common man, FDR’s forgotten man, will just love him.

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