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Guinta Campaign antics outed by Union Leader

June 3, 2010 by ShawnMillerick  
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The games continue on the campaigns for GOP nominations for various offices in the Granite State. From the “FakeRichAshooh” , “DollarBillBinnie” and “PhoneyMahoney” on Facebook to the web sites of and I am not sure procuring grassroots starts with the abuse of the new media, but I guess we are going to find out this cycle. Today, in the Union Leader’s “Granite Status,” John Distaso reports on the frightening ineptitude of the Giunta campaign to join in on the antics in NH-01:

PHONEY MAHONEY.” It’s the name of a Facebook page that is no more. Up for several days last week, Facebook officials confirmed it was taken down because it”violated our terms.” Facebook refused to identify what specific terms it violated, saying instead that its policy is to”not provide specifics about Facebook profile takedowns.”

The page said lots of unkind things about congressional candidate Mahoney.

It “mock-quoted” Mahoney as saying he “will do or say anything to win. I will run for whatever office I think I can buy.” It lists his employer as: “I come from money.”

You get the idea.

And while it’s unclear who created the page, the first two”friends” listed were Sean Thomas, the former top aid to Frank Guinta when Guinta was mayor, who now works on his campaign, and Roger Wilkins, former partner with Guinta campaign manager Mike Biundo in the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition.

Biundo said the Guinta campaign had nothing to do with it


2 Responses to “Guinta Campaign antics outed by Union Leader”
  1. nhFreedom says:

    Guinta’s way above that. You are much more despicable then he could ever be for making such accusations!

  2. says:

    The Guinta campaign had nothing to do with these sites.

    And yes, Mahoney is a phony!

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