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Binnie flip flops on AZ law…..again

May 12, 2010 by Staff Reporter  
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Country club owner and US senate candidate Bill Binnie can’t seem to make up his mind.

As was previously reported by Now Hampshire, Binnie has had numerous positions on the state of Arizona’s new immigration law. At first Binnie came out in favor of the law, defending it at a recent St. Anselm’s College debate, as was reported by NECN. But Binnie then opposed the law at another debate just a week later. The Union Leader reported that Binnie was the only Republican candidate to oppose the law at the debate, and drew sparse applause when he said that “we are less than we were before we had it.”

And now another week has passed and Binnie has reversed himself again. Now Hampshire has learned that the vacillating candidate is now running radio ads seemingly backing the Arizona law, saying that “the Arizona situation and our illegal immigration problem is typical of Washington failure. People in Arizona are frustrated—and they acted because the federal government didn’t.”

In addition, Binnie also reverses himself on amnesty for illegal aliens. While the Washington Post reported on Binnie’s support for amnesty, the end of his new ad specifically says “not amnesty, but a legal plan all Americans can support.”

When asked about Binnie’s fluctuating stance on issues, one long-time NH political insider just shrugged and replied, “Wait another week and he will probably reverse himself again.”

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