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Binnie Strategy: Divide Conservatives, Lure Moderates

May 1, 2010 by Staff Reporter  
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GOP Senate candidate Bill Binnie raised eye-brows yesterday when he openly stated that his strategy was to appeal to moderates and hope that former AG Kelly Ayotte and Manchester attorney Ovide Lamontagne split the conservative vote.

The former plastics businessman and race car driver made the remarks yesterday in The Hill, stating that he saw the race as being between him and Ayotte, with Lamontagne playing the role as spoiler, as Lamontagne would only pull social conservative votes away from Ayotte. Binnie is pro-abortion.

Binnie was quoted as saying that “We internally think this race is between Kelly and myself” and “The stronger that Mr. Lamontagne does, frankly, the better for my candidacy.”

For its part, the Lamontagne campaign took issue with Binnie’s statement. Campaign advisor Jim Merrill responded that “”Mr. Binnie clearly thinks that his millions of ad dollars allow him to take the voters for granted, a full five months before our primary election. As a newcomer to civic engagement in New Hampshire, Mr. Binnie clearly doesn’t understand that he cannot buy the trust of the voters. He must earn it.”

Binnie has staked out moderate to liberal views on most issues. In addition to being pro-abortion, he is pro-gay marriage and supports amnesty for illegal aliens.


2 Responses to “Binnie Strategy: Divide Conservatives, Lure Moderates”
  1. NH conservative says:

    Mr. Binnie needs to know that we conservatives are determined to not let ourselves get divided. We will stay united to beat the liberal likes of him.

  2. Paul Smeenis says:

    I have a great idea – why doesnt Binnie try to buy the Democratic senate nomination instead?

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