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Uncustomary Allies at Immigration Table

April 28, 2010 by Staff Reporter  
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An unusual mix of immigration reform supporters held a press conference today in Concord. While it is not too often you see a former Republican Party chair and The New Hampshire Citizens Alliance standing behind the same podium together – today appeared to be that exception.

In an effort to bolster comprehensive immigration reform legislation efforts in Washington, Former NH GOP Chair Fergus Cullen highlighted the economic reasons for reform. “We have students coming from overseas to study at UNH graduating with MBAs and PhDs”, Cullen said. However, instead of staying in America to work he pointed out that many are choosing to return to their native countries. Cullen called this exodus “nuts” and referred to Senator Gregg’s supportive comments favoring reform.

Also at the table, Former Ambassador to Belize turned immigration lawyer George Bruno pointed out that Senator Gregg, Senator Shaheen, Congressman Hodes and Congresswoman Shea-Porter have all come out with support for immigration reform before year end. Bruno also pressed for support of a New Hampshire State Senate resolution – currently working its way through legislative channels – calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

John Young of the New England Apple Growers Council pointed to complications in the immigration process for temporary workers stating, “It’s just not working.” Young stated that, “For every job lost by migrant workers, five jobs are lost up and down the chain”, referring to the closing of farms and jobs lost by distributors.

As the immigration debate continues to boil, Now will be there as it happens…


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