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Binnie Backs Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

April 27, 2010 by Staff Reporter  
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An article in Monday’s Washington Post states that GOP senate candidate Bill Binnie favors a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. The article goes on to say that Binnie, a plastics businessman and racecar driver, also supports portions of the unpopular healthcare law and also has a history of supporting Democratic candidates.

Binnie has been staking out liberal turf in the GOP senate primary, as he is also pro-abortion and supports gay marriage.


2 Responses to “Binnie Backs Amnesty for Illegal Aliens”
  1. Kris in NH says:

    Supporting immigration reform DOES NOT MEAN that one supports an amnesty.

    Ironic, though, when you know that the last national proponent of amnesty for undocumented immigrants was Ronald Reagan. Check out what the Cato Institute says about Reagan and immigration:

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for pointing that article out. I was against Binnie because I thought he was just another Republican naysayer, but now I see he supports many of the very sensible things that I wish the Republican party would stop fighting against. I’m a lifelong Republican, but all the anti-everything BS from the party is really turning me and a lot of other Americans off.

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