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As was first reported in the New Hampshire Union Leader publisher Patrick Hynes announced this week that he is stepping aside and bringing on new management to run the popular news site:

HYNES STEPS ASIDE. Young’s business partner, conservative Web master Patrick Hynes, says he’s stepping away from his controversial Now!Hampshire Web site and handing it over to Jayne Millerick’s husband, Shawn, who has been a contributor to the site.

“This will infuse the site with new energy,” Hynes said. “It will also open me up to take part in some New Hampshire campaigns if the opportunity should arise.”

The new editor and publisher of, Shawn Millerick, is registered Undeclared in Bow.

“It has been a tremendous joy to build into an influential source for news in the Granite State,” Hynes said. “But in order for the site to graduate to the next level, it needs a management team that can give the proper attention.”

Hynes said that his proudest moment as editor and publisher of the website was exposing Rep. Carol Shea-Porter as having lied to reporters and the public about an incident in which Shea-Porter was removed from a George W. Bush town hall event by two police officers in 2005. Shea-Porter claimed it never happened but a Freedom of Information Act request filed by proved she was not telling the truth.

“Holding the politicians accountable through a free press is our single most important right,” Hynes said. “Its what protects us from tyranny.”

For his part, Millerick stated that the site would likely see some modest redesign changes and that he would endeavor to expand the volume of news content in the near future. Millerick stated that the website will carry more investigative pieces like the Shea-Porter expose in the future.


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  1. Max Max says:

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  2. Max Max says:

    Да, я так посмотрю, что создание сайта дело довольно серьезное и небыстрое. И совсем непохоже на заработок на халяву, как об этом кричат на каждом шагу.

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