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Tea Party vindication as Sullivan, Citizens Alliance retract ‘white pride’ charge

March 28, 2010 by Staff Reporter  
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Sullivan's racism charge debunked, retracted

Sullivan's racism charge debunked, retracted previously reported that former Democratic State Chairman Kathy Sullivan was forced to retract her demand that Republican candidates in New Hampshire denounce “tea party white pride activities” in Concord last weekend. Sullivan retracted her statement because the tea party movement was found to have had nothing to do with the “white pride” rally in question.

Unfortunately, at the time Sarah Chaisson Warner of Citizens Alliance, a leftwing group, was refusing to retract her press release containing the original accusation. Her March 21st press releases, titled, “NH Tea Party Members Celebrate White Pride Day at New Hampshire State House,” was demonstrated to be in error after a investigation

But it now appears that the pressure to retract was even too much for Ms. Warner, who acknowledges she was wrong in Shira Shoenberg’s coulmn in Sunday’s Concord Monitor.

White Pride

Don’t blame the Tea Party.

Last Sunday, the New Hampshire Citizens’ Alliance sent out a press release accusing the New Hampshire Tea Party of “celebrating White Pride” by waving Tea Party flags alongside White Pride flags at a demonstration at the State House. “The activities locally mirror the national display of disrespectful, racist and homophobic behavior that has characterized Tea Party activities over the last several days,” the alliance wrote.

Turns out, it wasn’t the Tea Party. The small rally was organized by the Massachusetts-based white supremacist group North East White Pride.

“The Citizens Alliance seems like they were in error,” said former Democratic Party chairwoman Kathleen Sullivan, who had called on local Tea Party-affiliated candidates to denounce the rally.

Sarah Chaisson Warner, director of the New Hampshire Citizens’ Alliance backtracked somewhat. “I don’t think the Tea Party coalition organized it. I don’t think they had anything to do with it,” she said. But Chaisson Warner added that she did see a man holding a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag next to a White Pride flag. Though the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag has a history dating back to the country’s founding, it has most recently been used by the Tea Party. “It’s concerning to see a Tea Party flag at an event being hosted at white pride nation,” Chaisson Warner said. urges all readers not to allow this false charge of racism against the Tea Party movement to desensitize them to actual examples of genuine racism. Just this week, for example, Democrat State Rep. Nick Levasseur was forced to apologize for having written on Facebook that “two nukes weren’t enough” for the Japanese:


22 Responses to “Tea Party vindication as Sullivan, Citizens Alliance retract ‘white pride’ charge”
  1. suebee Martin says:

    Kathy Sullivan must be a very disturbed woman. It is a shame she has nothing better to do with her time than to cause trouble that could well harm to many.
    I guess she doesn’t like to hear the truth that the Tea Party’s are taking to the people.
    We have a President that is a rebel Rouser or trouble maker and it looks like most of the Demoncrat may be the same way.
    I am going to carry my pepper spray so come on after me!

  2. They all attended and never missed a class.

  3. I will NEVER retract what I said about the …NEVER!

  4. Harvard Dummy Sarah says:

    “Concerning?” to see a historical flag that denotes protest at a protest?

    Was she concerned that they were wearing shoes and socks too? Does that mean they are just like her, who also likely wears shoes and socks?

    The flag does not have a copyright and anyone can use it to protest anything.
    There is no copyright on it and even though the tea party has adopted it for use, sometimes adding to it, it is not a creation of the tea party, and thus their use of it has no bearing on the fact that any other group also uses it.

    This woman is a dummy who has no idea about history and historical flags — shows you just who they are graduating from Harvard these days!

  5. OUR FOUNDER would have kept right on “BORKING” them. He was the Master of LIES, SLANDER and DECEIT –

  6. aloysiusmiller says:

    My default mode is that anyone who tries to call something racist is a desperate lame loser until they prove beyond a shadow of doubt that they have undeniable and absolute proof that what they condemn is racist.

    Say “racist!” and you’re a proven loser unless you can prove otherwise.

  7. Errol Phillips says:

    Pray tell …. I know nothing about what went on …. but as a concept – what exactly is wrong with “White Pride.?

  8. KBK says:

    @Meaker – aside from the sterilization of biologicals, your comments appear to me to be overstated. The Japanese delay in surrendering was caused by pure intransigence, internal confusion, and dissention, not a sophisticated technical analysis of a technology of which they had little knowledge.

    Also, their nuclear weapons development effort was at a far more primitive stage than even that of the Germans, which was itself a minimal effort. They had barely begun to evaluate the possibilities. They had no uranium to build a reactor, and thus no way to create radiological bombs.

  9. sherlock says:

    The next time some Democrat demands the Tea Party renounce something they had nothing to do with, they should be told to renounce the racism that forms the underpinnings of their own party. That, and lying.

  10. Jack Okie says:


    I read on the internet a couple of years ago about the analysis given to Hirohito by the nuclear experts, but now can’t find it. Would you be kind enough to post a link?

  11. SDN says:

    “TEA Party Flag”? Says who?

  12. Don Meaker says:

    We were merciful to the Japanese, but we are a merciful people. The Japanese didn’t surrender after Hiroshima, because their analysis revealed it was a uranium bomb, and their physics experts stressed the difficulty of making such a bomb. Separating U235 from U238 is in fact very difficult. After Nagasaki their physics experts noted it was a plutonium bomb, which could be built in industrial quantities. The Japanese planned to surrender, but to complain loudly how awful the bombs were, and how using them was unfair. The Japanese were, at the time, working on nuclear bombs, and had plans to use biological warfare and “dirty bombs” that used radioactive materials against any invasion of their home islands. The site for their industrial production of biological warfare agents was in fact Hiroshima. One way to sterilize a biological agent is to pass it once through a nuclear fire.

  13. Freedomlost says:

    The narrative the Dems and the media keeps pushing about the Tea Party being racist keeps getting shot down. Why is it Dems think it’s ok to protest everything but government spending?

  14. Kaitian says:

    Welcome to the world of political correctness, Rob.

  15. Increase Mather says:

    When the facts are against you…pound the table. The liberal mainstream media wants to avoid looking into the phoney math behind healthcare…so they smear the other side.

    Not much new under the sun.

  16. Rob says:

    On the jap comments . . the guy said it has no place in public or PRIVATE discourse?? Is this what our country has come down to? If you say something that someone else calls “insensitive” you’ve got to instantly apologize, and say you can’t even speak freely in private? Pathetic. The government doesn’t have to take away your right to freedom of speech, folks seem to be a doing a good job of taking it away from themselves.


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