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Ray Buckley falsely accuses Tea Party Coalition of colluding with ‘white pride’ group

March 22, 2010 by Staff Reporter  
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New Hampshire Democrat officials appeared to charge “members of the New Hampshire Tea Party” with racism on Sunday on a liberal blog with deep ties to the Democratic Party apparatus.

Democrat Chairman Ray Buckley and his predecessor Kathy Sullivan demanded Republican congressional candidates Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta denounce a White Pride Day protest at the State House in Concord they claim was organized by the Tea Party movement to protest the U.S. House’s vote on health care reform. Their claim is based on a press release issued by a liberal organization called NH Citizens Alliance.

But NH Citizens Alliance appears to be in error. A quick Google search shows the State House protest in question was organized by a Haverhill, MA-based organization called New England White Pride, not by the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition. What’s more, the protest had nothing to do with health care reform.

The New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition lists all of its affiliate organizations and events on its website. Nowhere does it mention New England White Pride or Sunday’s protest. spoke to several Tea Party Coalition organizers and they all scoffed at the notion that they had any involvement at all with the White Pride Day protest.

Nevertheless, Buckley and Sullivan were indignant.

“Charlie Bass, Frank Guinta … should denounce this racist crap immediately,” Sullivan stated. “True patriots don’t countenance racism, and if you don’t denounce it, you are countenancing it. They should show some courage and stand up to the radical fringe elements.”

“Charlie? Hello Charlie?” Taunted Buckley.

No word from either Buckley or Sullivan as to whether they will retract their alleged indignation.

This is not the first time state Democrat leaders have been caught using overhyped rhetoric against Tea Party activists. Last April Buckley called Tea Party activists “an unhinged mob.” And during the 2009 August Congressional recess, Democrat Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) called protesters “teabaggers.” She has refused to apologize.


12 Responses to “Ray Buckley falsely accuses Tea Party Coalition of colluding with ‘white pride’ group”
  1. Nhchowdahead says:

    If they are so concerned about the state of racism in NH, why is it members of Buckley’s staff attempted to brush me off when I called their headquarters expressing outrage over State Rep. Levasseur’s RACIST comments. If they are truly against racism they should demand for Levasseur’s resignation.

  2. Russ says:

    As one of the five members of North East White Pride that staged the rally on Sunday at the Concord state house, I can assure everyone that we are not in anyway affiliated with the Tea Party Coalition. That movement, like the “Reagan Revolution” and the “Contract with America” before it, will fail, simply because it refuses to acknowledge that the problems facing America are racial. The Powers-That-Be hate White America and until White Americans come to understand this, they (the PTB) will continue to denigrate our heritage, rob us of our traditions, and destroy our culture and way of life. Although I think the Tea Partiers are headed down the wrong path, I certainly support their right not to be slandered. If the Tea Party Coalition needs an affidavit from me, you can contact me by clicking on my name above.

  3. Anon says:

    There is quite a list of people named in the suit I hear… They have no interest in saving twit Warner. I heard they will to throw her under the bus by not removing the post..

    Every single one of them will be named. Remember this is the party funded by dirty Soros money, and of Hodes, Porter, Shaheen, et al, the Democrat Party who do not denounce this crapola. They deserve to all go down together.

  4. NH says:

    Also, you can call Sarah Chaisson Warner from NH Citizens Alliance who are the ones who should be held liable for that nasty press release that was totally out of line…. their number is 603-225-2097

    Leaving that out there doesn’t show they have the integrity to follow their own cries for decency!

  5. JoAnna says:

    I have heard slander lawsuits are being considered….What better way to stop the false accusations than to break their piggy bank!

  6. NH says:

    Funny, Buckley won’t own up to the nasty ‘crap’ he says and does over the years. (I think there is something wrong with this website — the posts don’t stick)

  7. NH says:

    I heard if they don’t remove the title there will be a lawsuit. This is not the first time they’ve posted libelous comments… it’s a typical Ray Buckley dirty trick.

  8. Bill Morrison says:

    Buckley? Please, how can anyone take seriously what that pedophile has to say.


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