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Monitor demands answers from Stephen instead of Lynch?

March 14, 2010 by Patrick  
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He may only have been a candidate for governor for a little over one week now, but the editors of the Concord Monitor want specific answers from Republican candidate John Stephen on subjects as granular as prison recidivism rate. A Sunday editorial by the famously liberal paper appears to hold Stephen more accountable for state issues than the sitting Governor John Lynch. The Monitor may be reporting to a rash of tough political news for Lynch, including a new poll showing Stephen would hold him to 50% should the election be held today.

The Monitor writes:

Stephen says he is running to make “New Hampshire great again” by cutting taxes, cutting spending and creating jobs. It’s early enough in the campaign season that candidates can stick to generalities. But to be taken seriously as a replacement for Lynch, Stephen will have to get specific. More than most candidates, Stephen, who also served in the attorney general’s office and as deputy safety commissioner, knows state government from the inside. We look forward to the day when he uses that knowledge to offer voters specifics.

What, for example, does he think of proposals to add slot machines and casino gambling? Does he agree with Health and Human Services Commissioner Nick Toumpas’s plan to reorganize his department? Or with plans to rethink prison recidivism and the parole system? What changes would he make to adequately fund the state’s retirement system? Which taxes would he reduce or eliminate and, more important, just how would he reduce state spending?

What would the state not do that it’s doing now if he becomes governor?

Stephen is known for working hard and being decisive. What voters will need is a clear idea of exactly what his decisions would be.

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