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Van Jones, 9/11 ‘truther,’ to visit school tied to Dem state senator (Updated)

February 21, 2010 by Patrick  
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A disgraced former Obama administration official who once thought the U.S. government may have been responsible for the deadliest terror attack in American history will spend time in New Hampshire on Monday, a guest of a New Hampshire Democrat state Senator, has learned.

Van Jones, one of President Barack Obama’s controversial ‘czars,’ was forced to step down from the administration in September of last year when it was revealed that he had signed a petition alleging the administration of President George W. Bush “may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.”

Jones is also a self-professed communist and has alleged that whites were deliberately poisoning minority neighborhoods.

Jones is speaking at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire on Monday, having been invited by Thomas and Maggie Hassan, has learned. Thomas Hassan is the principal of Philips Exeter. His wife Maggie is a Democratic state Senator. has asked both Sen. Hassan and a representative from Mr. Hassan’s office about their motives behind inviting the controversial Mr. Jones, but they did not respond to our inquiry. [See below for update -- the Academy denies the Hassans were involved in inviting Jones.]

As it happens the town of Exeter will also vote on a warrant article at town meeting in March. The article calls for a new congressional investigation into “all of the evidence and unanswered questions” about the 9/11 terror strike. The organization pushing the petition, Vote for Answers New Hampshire, highlights a number of public comments by former elected officials that suggest heavily that the government is, at the very least, covering up facts about 9/11.

Sen. Hassan has refused to say how she will vote on the warrant article, despite our attempts to solicit a comment from her.

The below video contains more information about Van Jones:

UPDATE: The school denies the Hassans had anything to do with inviting Van Jones to Exeter:

Your email of Saturday was just sent on to me by Jennifer Wilhelm the school’s sustainability coordinator. I am the spokesperson for the Academy.

Principal Hassan did not invite Mr. Jones to the Academy In fact, Van Jones is among the speakers invited to campus by the student Environmental Action Committee and the Environmental Task Force, the groups planning activities around Exeter’s seventh annual Green Cup Challenge.

Senator Hassan was not involved in this decision, nor is she involved in other Academy decisions. Please remove the references to the Hassens in relation to Mr. Jones’ visit from your web site.


7 Responses to “Van Jones, 9/11 ‘truther,’ to visit school tied to Dem state senator (Updated)”
  1. Skeptic says:

    Van Jones admitted he was a communist. So Hyne’s article is correct. And yes, they have a right, but we also have a right to know.

    Not like Timothy Horrigan doesn’t regularly post bogus nonsense over at ‘yellow’ Hampshire. Heh.

  2. CommanderBill says:

    Whoever invited Van Jones the school administration should have vetoed the selection. Van Jones is a self avowed Communist. Communism as a movement has resulted in the death of ten of millions of people and repression of billions of others. Inviting Communists to speak to the student body is even less appropriate then inviting a self avowed Nazi to speak. Van Jones association with the 911 Truthers movement and his support of a known killer of a police officer makes him a truly reprehensible individual that should be avoided by all.

  3. The school’s press release states that faculty members who are running a series on sustainability invited Van Jones.

    Jones is not a commie and not a 9/11 truther. He is not even an Austin IRS truther :-) The school is in any case free to invite a communist to speak to its students if it wants to. It is a private institution which is not answerable to Patrick Hynes.

    His speech, by the way, was in fact not terribly controversial and neither Maggie or Tom Hassan were there at all, not even in the audience.

    Sen. Hassan’s only role with the Academy is that she is married to the Headmaster. This does mean she has to co-host the occasional social event but it does NOT mean that she has ANY role in inviting speakers.

  4. Adam says:

    Oh, Patrick, this is your little website, how cute.

    “No opinion—just the facts!”

  5. Adam says:

    “If material posted on Now! Hampshire turns out to be wrong or misleading, our editors are empowered to clarify, correct, and/or retract your story. If our editors determine the motivations behind posting misleading or incorrect information were malicious, your account will be deleted”

    Hey editors- please “clarify, correct, and/or retract”. Putting an “updated” next to the headline doesn’t cut it. As of now, you’re standing by the fabrications of your (apparently) incompetent reporter.

    The headline might as well be:

    Van Jones, 9/11 ‘truther,’ to visit school tied to Senator Judd Gregg


    Van Jones, 9/11 ‘truther,’ to visit school tied to Author Dan Brown


    Van Jones, 9/11 ‘truther,’ to visit school tied to Facebook pioneer Mark Zuckerberg

    All connected with the school. All bearing the same responsibility for Van Jones’ visit as Senator Hassan. That is, none at all.

    And how do you think Senator Hassan is going to vote on the warrant article? Are you stupid, or just obnoxious? If you asked me how I was going to vote on it, I’d ignore you too.


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